Conditions for Faro, Algarve

Current Conditions:
Fair, 16 C

Thu - Clear. High: 18 Low: 8
Fri - Sunny. High: 17 Low: 9
Sat - Partly Cloudy. High: 17 Low: 12
Sun - Sunny. High: 17 Low: 8
Mon - Sunny. High: 18 Low: 11

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Terms and Conditions

General Price Conditions

From 1st March 2015, an additional charge of 15 Euros will be applied locally when collecting a vehicle from the Airport Car Park at Faro Airport (FAO). This charge has been introduced by the Portuguese airport authority (ANA). This charge will apply to every car hire supplier at Faro Airport (FAO) using the Airport Car Park and not just to those who operate with Economy Car Hire. The charge does not apply for suppliers who have a desk in airport or operate a shuttle bus service.

Collision damage waiver is included with client responsibility of:

  • 1.250€ for groups: A, B, C;
  • 1.500€ for groups: C1, D, D3, E;
  • 2.000€ for groups: D1, D2, D4, E1, E2, F, F1;
  • 3.000€ for groups: G, G1, H, I;
  • 5.000€: for group J

Super C.D.W. to cover the excess is:

  • 8 €/day for groups A, B, C;
  • 10€/day for groups C1, D, D3, E
  • 15 €/day for groups D1, D2, D4, E1, E2, F, F1;
  • 20€/day for groups G, G1, H, I;
  • 30€/day for group J

Other options:

  • Personal Accident Insurance available for 2,50 € per day and per car.
  • Baby Seat and Booster available per 5€ per day until in 50 € maximum.
  • Driver’s age: minimum of 23 years old. Younger driver fee between 21 and 23 years old available per 7,50 € per day in 75 € maximum.
  • Deliveries/Collections out of the airport are available per 30 € until 30 kms of distance(Between Albufeira and Tavira). After the 20kms, we charge depending the distance.
  • GPS(navigation system): 5 € per day
  • Across border to Spain: 40 € per rental and only allowed to Spain
  • Out of hours: Between 8pm and 8am we charge 20€

The full insurance does not cover vandalism such any damages caused inside the car,damage tyres, or wheels punctures, glass, windows, windscreen and windscreen wipers, wing mirrors, forced loks, lost keys or documents of the car, any accident caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs and wrong type of fuel usage. Antenna,trays, damage the car lock, interior of the car, spare key and car Jack, extreme dirtiness in the car, damage the GPS.

Rental Agreement - General Conditions
MasterKings - Aluguer de Automóveis, Lda, (now denominated “LESSOR”) rents to the RENTER, the vehicle described on this rental agreement. By signing this agreement the RENTER acknowledge and agrees with the following conditions, that it must respect and observe.

To avoid the risk of insurance exclusion, and therefore not insured, the RENTER should not allow the vehicle being driven by third parties not identified and authorized by the RENTER, like stated in this agreement or other agreements included. The RENTER should not use or allow the use of the vehicle, also in the following cases:

  • a) transport of people or goods in exchange of money or other commitment;
  • b) for towing or pushing other vehicles or objects;
  • c) for motor sport events, official or not;
  • d) by people under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • e) for transport of goods or people in a manner that violate the country laws; The RENTER is responsible for the all fees and penalties related to the disregarding of country and traffic laws. When the vehicle is not in use, the RENTER should keep it closed and locked, with the legal papers inside it. It’s not allowed to sell, rent or use as a guarantee, the vehicle described in this agreement, and also is documents, tools or parts, or even use them in order to damage the LESSOR and his property. If any of this cases should occur, the LESSOR is allowed to take the vehicle of the RENTER, without any prior warning and without losing any of the LESSOR rights.

The RENTER declares that the vehicle was delivered in perfect conditions or as stated in this agreement, with his tires in perfect conditions. The RENTER should return the vehicle in the same good conditions delivered to him. In the case this situation can’t be fulfilled, the RENTER is responsible for all damages occurred during the rental period, until the amount of the highest caution determined.
The tampering of the odometer is strictly forbidden. If such action occurs the LESSOR is allowed to charge the RENTER for 500Km/day independently of prosecution for fraudulent use.

The amount due to the LESSOR is determined by the valid public tariff, and should be paid in advance. In case the RENTER pretends to extend the vehicle use, it should communicate is intention to the LESSOR and agree on the price and payment due for that extension. If this procedure is not taken, the LESSOR will prosecute the RENTER in the terms of the law. The RENTER is oblige to return the vehicle to the LESSOR in the date, time and place stated in this agreement, or else this agreement may not be considered valid.

The RENTER is oblige to pay the amount prove to be due to the LESSOR in the following cases:

  • a) the amount calculated by the Km made with the vehicle or days used. The total kms are calculated by the vehicle odometer, in the case of a malfunction occurs in the odometer the LESSOR needs to be immediately notified, if this notification not occurs, the RENTER will be charged for 500Km/day;
  • b) the amount of the rental period and the damages made, directly or indirectly, or cause by any action not cover by the insurance, or the insurance expenses in the case the insurance need to be used;
  • c) all the taxes and legal expenses caused by a), b);
  • d) all fines and legal expenses caused by the RENTER by disregarding traffic and legal laws, with exceptions for the ones related to the LESSOR responsibility;
  • e) all expenses related to courts and lawyer needed by the LESSOR to claim is rights to the RENTER;

The RENTER or driver stated in this agreement, is insured with unlimited costs, against public liability, conforming the portuguese laws. The RENTER is oblige to protect the LESSOR and the insurance company interests in the following:

  • a) needs to inform the LESSOR of any accident, stolen property, damage, fire, during the 24 h after its occurrence was noted. It needs also to inform the authorities for any accident with physical injuries, stolen properties or in cases that an investigation is needed to establish liability.
  • b) not, in any case, admit guilt or liability of the accident.

The vehicle should be delivered with the same amount of petrol that was first included. If the RENTER doesn’t fulfill this condition the amount due for the missing petrol is charged.

All amendments to the terms and conditions of this agreement, are not valid, unless stated in written.

The applicable law of this agreement is the portuguese and both parties agree to submit to the Court of Faro in the case of any legal dispute with exclusion to any other.

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