Conditions for Faro, Algarve

Current Conditions:
Fair, 16 C

Thu - Clear. High: 18 Low: 8
Fri - Sunny. High: 17 Low: 9
Sat - Partly Cloudy. High: 17 Low: 12
Sun - Sunny. High: 17 Low: 8
Mon - Sunny. High: 18 Low: 11

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The Algarve is a beautiful province approximately 160 Km long and 80 Km wide located in the southern coast of Portugal. Although the average population of the province is around 350,000, this often rises to more than a million during the peak tourist season during the summer. With more than 100 beaches, Algarve is a popular tourist site.

The first people in the Algarve were traders and Estate stewards that established their colonies on the coasts. Good examples were the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians that existed for a long time solely from the resources of the coast.

One of the most important facts in the Algarve's history: the five centuries of Arab occupation, visible in the regions architecture (lattice chimneys and tiles, for example) and in many places' names beginning with 'Al' and also the Algarve itself, coming from the Moorish word Al-Gharb - the West. Since 1249, and until the Republic proclamation, the Portuguese monarchs were entitled "King of Portugal and of the Algarves".

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